Championship Rules

1. The Championship will be known as “The SEMX Championship for ….. (Juniors, Experts, or Sidecars)”.

2. The full title must be displayed in the TSM regulations and on the front page of any race programme.

3. Classes and rounds . To be published in TSM by the February edition. Once dates are published they cannot be altered although venues may be changed. Reserve dates may be included provided they are on the list in February.


(i) There is no minimum number of competitors for a Championship class to be run – it is to be at the discretion of the organising club.

(ii) Championship classes will be over three moto cross legs at each event.

(iii) Race times to be a minimum of 15 mins. plus 1 lap for all classes.

(iv) Juniors – will be allocated championship points in a sliding scale from 1st in A group” to last in C or D group except as defined in (v) Allcomers

(v) Allcomers – If insufficient experts have entered then it is permissible to run an allcomers class with both experts and juniors scoring separately for their respective championship classes. Experts will be scored separately

(vi) Competitors not listed in the programme will be ineligible for points or awards unless due to printing or secretarial errors.

(i) AWARDS are at the discretion of the organising club but any awards must be stated in the supplementary regulations.

(ii) Annual Awards: The South Eastern Centre will provide each class winner with an annual award together with a replica.

The SEMX Combine may provide additional awards at it’s discretion.

(iii) POINTS Championship points will be awarded to the top twenty in each relevant class in the following order :-


(iv) To be classified as a finisher, a competitor must have completed 50% of the laps covered by the winner and passed the chequered flag within 5 mins of the winner.

All rounds to count. At the end of the championship any ties will be resolved by traditional countback method of most wins. most 2nd places etc.

Any junior who reaches the required tally of expert points will be upgraded with immediate effect and any junior championship points accrued will be frozen.

7. Meetings available with Regulations for the meeting will be at and The Sporting Motorcyclist and alternative entries can be made via club websites or by post.

8. STARTS: All starts must be by a mechanically controlled gate (not elastic).