Buy Riding Number

As in previous years you can “buy” a riding number for the season. If you had a 2022 number, your 2023 will be held for 1 month March 6th 2023

You can chose any number up to 999
*New for 2023* ACU Experts and Juniors can have numbers 1-999

A fee of £10 will reserve your favourite number for the season The up to date list is of SEMX riding numbers is HERE  It is dependant upon the number not being already taken see list and you entering the SEMX event in sufficient time (ie not for late entries).You can check if your application is accepted within a couple of days by login back in and checking all current entries.
Please note the number plate colours from 2021 (see your handbook), MX2 (125 2Stroke  & 250 4Stroke) are white number on a black background, while MX1 (250 2Stroke+ and 450 4Stroke +) are black numbers on a white background. Sidecars are still black numbers on a yellow background.

Your Race Number
Rider Name

it is possible the number you want has been taken in-between list updates, if so you will get a full refund.